Debunking Divorce Myths

I often come across the following myths when dealing with a divorce: 1. I am married in community of property for the last 5 years and my spouse has been a member of

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns

“Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Divorce and separation are unfortunately very common these days. One of the most important consequences of a failed relationship, are the arrangements pertaining to the

The danger of delaying the inevitable

We have recently come across a number of cases where clients put off doing what had to be done. It could be reporting the estate of a deceased person or perhaps getting legal

Certainty in uncertain times

As we all know by now the Coronavirus has changed our everyday lives. This change is set to continue for a while still. Every day we listen to the ministers in government telling

COVID-19: 21-Days Lockdown

To all our existing and potential clients, we at the Meyer Nel family would like to extend our best wishes in these troubling and uncertain times, dominated by the Corona Virus. Please take

DIY is not always the best

I recently became involved in a divorce in which my client was sued for divorce. The other party had gone to the regional court and completed the summons and particulars of claim without

Legally Speaking, Who Is Right?

These days it becomes harder and harder to know what your legal rights are. Everybody has an opinion, but who is right? Am I allowed to do this, can I sign that or

The Children’s Act

The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 has influenced not only the rights of children and parents but also the way in which any disputes in this area are dealt with in practice. Our

Claims To A Spouses Pension Fund

Frequently people are not aware that by law they qualify to receive payment from a spouse’s pension fund in a divorce matter. Especially where they were married in community of property and the