Legally Speaking, Who Is Right?

These days it becomes harder and harder to know what your legal rights are. Everybody has an opinion, but who is right? Am I allowed to do this, can I sign that or what are the risks if I refuse to sign something? What will it cost me if I want to do things in a legal manner? These are all valid questions, which we at Meyer Nel want to help you answer. There is saying that he who fails to plan, plans to fail, and we encounter this frequently.

One of the most common situations that we deal with are people who have unrealistic expectations regarding the outcome of a legal dispute or process. Whether they believed a legal process like the administration of an estate or divorce would take less time or whether they expected a guaranteed win in a civil dispute, the end result is the same. They are disappointed. It is vital that before venturing into the unknown you obtain sound advice about your rights, the costs of your legal options and the time frames involved. Although some aspects of these are difficult to estimate beforehand, it is better to know before the time what the unknowns are than to find out when it is too late.

Our philosophy is that there has to be a relationship between an attorney and his client. The client has to feel he or she can pick up the phone and contact his attorney for advice, and know that his attorney deals personally with the matter. There is still a place in business for personal interaction. The client should not feel like just another invisible number.

Relationships are important to us, and we believe the better we know our client the more we can attend to his needs. We look forward to hearing from you.