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Meyer Nel is one of the oldest law firms in Bellville, Cape Town, and was founded in the 1950’s.

Today the firm is still focused on delivering effective and accurate legal advice to clients at affordable rates. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to each case and on fostering permanent working relationships with our clients.


At Meyer Nel we try to make access to our services as affordable as possible.
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We handle all matters related to the registration of property transfers, registration and cancellation of bonds, endorsements on title deeds, ect…

Buying or Selling property is the biggest financial decision most of us will ever make. We handle all matters related to the registration of property transfers…

The death of a loved one is usually a time of great sadness and uncertainty. It is a time filled with lots of emotions, making many arrangements to pay…

Currently it is possible to get divorced in the Regional Court or High Court. Both courts have advantages and disadvantages. The Regional Courts usually have backlogs…

We draw up and register all notarial documents, including ante nuptial contracts, transfer of exclusive use areas, habitatio agreements, notarial bonds, ect…

It is common these days to encounter a letter of demand, summons or some other legal document during the course of your professional or personal life…



We have been around for over 50 years, and have a proven track record.

Personal attention

We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to each of our clients. You are more than just a number to us.

Service above and beyond

We endeavour to go the extra mile to help assist our clients.


When you become a client of ours a new relationship is formed, one that we take great care to protect.


We aim to give our clients correct and reliable advice, in order to save them money and protect their rights.

Divorce & Family LawConveyancingEstate AdministrationProperty Transfers
Yes, we can make an arrangement to try and ensure that you have access to legal services.
The costs involved in the transfer of a property are determined by the value of the property. Please send us an email or phone us so we can provide you with a quote.

It will depend on the facts of each case and particularly on whether the parties getting divorced have been able to agree on certain aspects of their divorce or not. It can take as little as a month or can take several years. In order to get an idea it is best to set up an appointment with us, so we can discuss the facts of your case.

The purchaser of the property.

Apart from copies of the relevant ID documents and death certificate, there are certain reporting documents required (for example the inventory and next of kin affidavit). In order to ensure a speedy process it is best to have professional help, and we invite you to contact us in this regard.
As long as you adhere to all the legal requirements and the will is properly drafted, you can. We have seen many of these wills that did not comply with the law and which the Master refused to accept. Professional assistance is only a phone call away and won’t cost you too much. Give us a call.

Yes. Maintenance and the right of access are two separate issues.


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If you are looking for excellent, sincere legal advice that won't empty your wallet, confuse you, and make you wait for hours, Meyer Nel is definitely the Attorney for you. Thank you very much for your outstanding service and always honest opinion.
Lihana Burger
Thank you Gideon for handling this matter on my behalf. I really appreciate the manner which you handled this case. I did not think it will be so quick to finalise. I really appreciate all your assistance and support in this matter.
Gladys Chisambi
Hi Gideon, I just want to say thank you very much for your excellent service. I also never felt uncertain once throughout the whole process; you always kept me informed about everything, and I am very grateful for the effort you put in.


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